MINO Art Space & Creative Agency

MINO is an independent initiative to nurture, inspire and support artists, creatives and changemakers.


MINO Art Space is a residency, a rooftop community garden and an exhibition space. A place to connect and find common ground in a sense of urgency to create art that addresses social issues, builds community and shifts narratives.

MINO Creative Agency is an agency for forward-thinking cultural institutions and museums who aspire radical change and innovation. We empower you with strategy, organizational learning and experiment to strengthen your purpose and build meaningful, engaging communities. We innovate by developing a custom-built engagement strategy that creates magical analog and digital experiences for your audiences.

We are located in a renovated warehouse in the neighborhood Antwerpen-Dam. Want to connect or drop by? Feel free to send us an email or give us a call.

Joossensgang 10A
2060 Antwerpen