Workshop Forward Fest
nieuws: 11.11.11

This was Forward Fest 2022

Forward Fest brought together professionals, policy makers, journalists and students from the field of international solidarity. Together we thought about the future, both digitally and in person, with fresh national and international voices, innovative ideas, new and successful methods and fascinating real-life stories.

12 mei 2022
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Rewatch all sessions of the 'bolzaal' (day 2) 

Watch FORWARD FEST - session 1 - Onward with Forward Fest on YouTube.

Onward with Forward Fest: welcome back!

We take our time to look back at some bright ideas or interesting comments that have been said on day 1. We also discover the programme of day 2 (who, what, where and when?) and lay out some ground rules. After that… We get started!

Being truthful in the disinformation age (MO*)

When nobody believes in the concept of truth and when fact-free politics take hold, liars with financial or ideological agendas take advantage. However, we are not helpless and can successfully go against the grain. Together with a panel of communication professionals and experts, Jago Kosolosky (editor-in-chief MO*) reflects on how to thrive in the disinformation age without telling lies. 

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Stop the redistribution from poor to rich

The recent Oxfam Report Inequality Kills states that the world's small elite group of 2.755 billionaires saw their fortunes grow more steeply during COVID-19 than in the previous 14 years. While the wealth of the richest increased, the incomes of 99% of the world's population declined. Prosperity flows from poor to rich.

Can classic welfare state instruments such as progressive tax still be an answer in 2022? What place is there for welfare state solutions in a global perspective? Are there other solutions for the growing inequality and reverse redistribution? And what is needed to enforce those solutions?

Próximamente: working towards equity within international arts

KVS, together with some of the most relevant festivals, theatres and cultural organisations  of ArgentinaChileUruguay and Brazil, present the PRÓXIMAMENTE festival. Together, they form a cooperative platform with an innovative festival programme.

Gerardo Salinas and Cecilia Kuska, the festival’s curators share some fundamental thoughts and lessons from their international collaboration.

Watch FORWARD FEST - session 4 - Próximamente: working towards equity within international arts on YouTube.
Watch FORWARD FEST- session 5 -  Systemic alternatives for the economic growth model on YouTube.

Systemic alternatives for the economic growth model

Our linear economic growth model faces obstacles within and between countries: an increasing use of resources, high environmental and climate costs, and unequal social welfare. Redesigning our economic system to fit planetary and social boundaries must become a priority to ensure that we address the climate and biodiversity crises with the highest urgency.

Final debate: What conclusions should we draw for the future?

During this edition of Forward fest, many items were discussed: fake news, alternative systems, decolonisation, ecological feminism.... There were also some striking statements and recommendations from the (inter)national speakers. Even young people wanted to say something to our sector of international solidarity. Therefore, the question is: which conclusions should we make and where do we go from here?

Watch FORWARD FEST - Final debate: What conclusions should we draw for the future? on YouTube.
Spandoek 'We are all dreamers'

Waarom 11?

11.11.11 is de koepel van internationale solidariteit.  
Wij willen uitbuiting de wereld uit. Iedereen – waar ook ter wereld - heeft recht op een menswaardig bestaan. Om echt iets te veranderen moeten macht en middelen eerlijker worden verdeeld.
We richten onze blik dan ook op de wereld en stellen het huidige systeem in vraag. Een rechtvaardige wereld voor mens en natuur kan als we samen druk zetten. Met 11.11.11 brengen wij mensen, groepen en organisaties bijeen om die verandering waar te maken.
Want samen staan we sterker dan alleen.

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