Climate Action

To amplify our international efforts to combat the effects of climate change, 11.11.11 partakes in 2 European projects from the DEAR call.  


The ClimateAction project focuses on making EU citizens committed to tackle climate change and contribute to make efforts to tackle climate change, help sustain development and gender equality in line with Agenda 2030 and the Consensus.  

The goal is to make EU citizens aware of, understand and actively engage in efforts to tackle the interrelated issues of climate change, development and gender equality.  

The project is implemented with project partners from 13 EU member states (Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Spain, UK). 


To increase EU citizen’s awareness and understanding of the interconnectedness of climate change, gender equality and development we will do audience research to strategically define target groups, understand attitudes and tailor communications.  

Research towards attitudes is brought together in a Pan-European narratives guide. This results in a custom made digital campaign at the national and Pan-European level, which include both online and offline events. 

Content is created in the form of film, graphics, stories, audio, blogs, vlogs, virtual reality and other means. Additional story gathering will take place in the Global South, sometimes with and sometimes without celebrities/ influencers involved.  

Reach is created through street festivals, music festivals, street events, social and other digital media, webpages, newsletters, etc. Another approach is working directly together with artists, celebrities and influencers in order to inform their followers or engage them in events.  

To ensure that young EU citizens and CSOs have the capacity to take action on climate change, we organise a variety of trainings and masterclasses at the national level, in schools, universities, clubs, local communities and in local and national CSO networks, including youth organisations.  

Consortium organisation

The consortium will also support 15 CSOs in the 15 countries of the EU not directly served by the co-applicants, to increase reach of the project, build on developed materials, and build local awareness and capacity to take action. Further there will be a Pan European training tour, where guest speakers, mostly from the Global South, will present their real life stories and citizens, mainly youth, and CSOs are able to meet with, learn from, and be inspired by guest speakers to increase their capacity to take action. Further guest lectures are organised around key events like the COP.  


Also the consortium will organise film screenings with audience discussions, will deepen audience engagement and understanding of the interrelated issues of climate change, development, and gender equality and encourage empathy with those most affected in the Global South promoting a movement of activism towards EU decision-maker. To make EU citizens take action in Pan-European efforts to tackle climate change, the consortium will provide the opportunity to engage with decision-makers, at the national and Pan-European level. These meetings range from local town-hall meetings, to meetings to national level MPs and MEPs. There is further focus on these engagements around key events like the COPs. Further the consortium will support a number of approaches in taking action on the street, around key events, both online and offline, as well as enable citizens to take digital action through petitions and other e-actions.