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To amplify our international efforts to combat the effects of climate change, 11.11.11 partakes in 2 European projects from the DEAR call.  


1Planet4All aims to raise awareness and critical understanding of European youth in 12 EU member states about climate change as a global threat to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and to inspire their active engagement in concrete actions for safe, inclusive and “climate-smart” communities. We want to inform young people (15-35yrs) of the complexity of climate change (causes-effect relationships and possible solutions) and of the urgency for individual and collective actions  

We will do this by establishing connection with the global south, creating visibility on global south to European audience and motivating young people to become responsible agents of change 

This project is implemented with project partners from 12 EU member states (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Estonia, Belgium, Spain, Portugal and Ireland). 


We will engage young people at all levels of education, members of youth organisations, sports and clubs – the potential young leaders. 

We will establish a communication line with young people out of formal education, young on-line influencers, young parents, young first-time consumers & emerging young leaders. 

To strengthen our message, we will use multipliers to reach youth audiences:  

EU citizens in regular contact with young people reached by awareness raising activities and campaigning, including teachers, youth leaders and journalists.  


The project will focus on 3 main goals 

  • Awareness rising and critical understanding – the lack of quality information and critical understanding about climate change, inter-dependencies in today’s world and Agenda 2030 will be addressed by innovative awareness raising and communication activities bringing more complex information to target audiences.  
  • Mobilization and empowerment – having connected and engaged young people in our target countries with our communications messages, we will then develop programmes in each of our countries to harness their energy and enthusiasm. In each country, we will develop a package of support to up-skill and empower young people with information on the impact of their daily choices and actions, while tapping into their creativity and determination to find workable and innovative solutions.  
  • Active engagement – our first and second clusters will then lead to the concrete involvement of the target groups to embrace the concept of Active Citizenship which combines knowledge, attitude, skills and actions aiming to contribute to building and maintaining a democratic society. Young people will be supported to organize their own actions and initiatives. 

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