Pancarte Free Ukraïne

Solidarity with Ukraine

Interview Yelizavetta Volosovska

Watch I am from Kiev and all my family is still there on YouTube.

We spoke with @yelizavetta_, a Ukrainian woman living in Paris. She told us her side of the story in the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Her entire family lives in Kiev and she fears for their lives. This interview shows us what she had to tell and what she is going through.

Along with Yelyzaveta’s story, there are lots of similar stories. Stories of people who had to flee their home, people that are suddenly struggling to get food, loved ones that have left to fight and families that are looking fot shelter. These are the stories of people whose lives were turned upside down.

Solidarity for Ukraine in Brussels

On March 2nd, people gathered in front of the European parliament in Brussels to show solidarity and support for Ukraine. We asked attendees how they felt about the situation and why they think it’s important to make their voices heard.

Ukraine Protest Brussels
Ukraine - Expo 2020

Solidarity on Expo 2020 Dubai

In the Ukrainian pavilion at the World Expo in Dubai, the visitors filled the walls with encouraging messages on post-its. We were told that the atmosphere in this part of the exhibition was very emotional. It's beautiful to see people from all over the world support the Ukrainian people.