Security & Prevention Officer - Humanitarian Hub (m/w/x)

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Doctors of the World Belgium is an international medical development NGO and part of an international network. We provide medical assistance to vulnerable groups in Belgium and the rest of the world.

We aim for universal health coverage where every person has access to care, without barriers (financial, cultural, geographical, etc.). To achieve our mission, we rely on three pillars:

  • Care: giving people real access to care.
  • Change: we want to change things in the long term, not just help.
  • Witness: we do not remain silent. Thanks to our experience and our presence on the ground, we challenge the authorities (local, regional and (inter)national) with facts, figures and realities.

Our projects follow a set of values that are common to our entire organisation: Social Justice, Empowerment, Independence, Commitment, Balance.


The Humanitarian Hub is a consortium of NGOs currently led by Doctors of the World, Doctors Without Borders, the Belgian Red Cross, the Plateforme Citoyenne de Soutien aux Réfugiés and SOS Jeunes. The project was launched in September 2017 to respond to the growing needs of particularly vulnerable migrants. Each organisation pursues complementary objectives in order to meet the needs of homeless people present in Brussels by offering them access to multidisciplinary services of primary necessity, adapted accompaniment and guidance.


As a Security and Prevention Officer, you are the first contact that beneficiaries have with the Hub.
Your main objective is to ensure that the security rules and flow management of the Humanitarian Hub are properly implemented, as defined by the coordination team.


As a safety and prevention officer :

  • Ensuring that the crowd management system is in place and helping to ensure that ticket distribution runs smoothly.
  • Ensuring the day-to-day organisation and management of the flow and movement of beneficiaries, in collaboration with the departments and coordinators concerned (including opening times, specific organisation for meal queues, closing times, etc.);
  • Providing front-line reception, information and guidance to Hub users. Observe and monitor access routes to the Hub.
  • Implementing and ensuring the application of all joint safety and security rules and protocols within the Hub;
  • Facilitating relations between beneficiaries and the various Hub departments:
    • Providing quality and culturally sensitive interpretation between Hub service providers and the beneficiary (trialogue) in the beneficiary's mother tongue or other language understood by the beneficiary, supporting intercultural awareness, sensitivity and clarity of communication between the parties and prevention/security management ;
    • To assist service providers and beneficiaries in addressing the negative consequences of socio-cultural differences by acting as a cultural broker; to identify and report on barriers to fair and equal access to services.
    • In collaboration with relevant members of the project team, provide information to beneficiaries on the use of the healthcare system and other support services (shelter, food, transport, legal support) provided by the Hub and other actors, with the aim of fostering beneficiaries' empowerment and autonomy.

As a member of the HUB's security team :

  • Informing the Security and Prevention Manager of potential tensions and helping to de-escalate tensions.
  • Alerting the Security & Prevention Manager and/or the coordination team to threats to personal safety and/or incidents.
  • Ensuring that the framework is properly understood by the teams and beneficiaries.
  • Making regular rounds of the various premises throughout the working day.
  • To be aware of the triggers of potential and/or actual incidents and crowd movements, and to visualise the consequences in order to prevent and/or mitigate them.
  • Be aware of the triggers of potential and/or actual incidents and crowd movements, and visualise the consequences in order to prevent and/or mitigate them.
  • Identify risk areas and danger zones and make the public and staff, both employees and volunteers, aware of potential threats and risks: access, cycle paths, passageways, games room, reception, etc.
  • Understand prevention measures and signage.
  • Ensuring the correct use of premises and equipment, with an eye to risk prevention.
  • Entering safety incidents into monitoring and analysis tools.
  • Participating in the collection of Hub data, particularly concerning admissions and ticket distribution.
  • Participating as a first response team member in the smooth running of evacuations (simulated or real) in accordance with the protocols in place.
  • Informing the Safety & Prevention Manager and/or the General Coordinator of the presence of any external visitors.
  • Exceptionally deputise for the Safety & Security Manager at his/her request or that of the Coordinator.
  • Performing other tasks related to the Hub's services, at the request of the Safety and Prevention Manager and/or the Coordinator.

Position/organisation chart: The function is under the hierarchical supervision of the Safety and Prevention Manager. No staff supervision required.

Gewenst profiel


  • At least 2 years' experience in crowd management and/or cultural mediation.
  • Fluency in French and/or English
  • Fluency in Arabic


  • Experience in the humanitarian sector with an NGO.
Ons aanbod


  • A rewarding and essential position at the heart of Médecins du Monde Belgium's projects.
  • A fixed-term contract untill 31/12/2024, as full-time (39 hours/week) or as 80% time (31h12 per week).
  • For a full-time (100%, 39h/w):a gross salary of €2.883,09 for 2 years' experience; a gross salary of €2?939,62 for 4 years' experience. Recognised relevant experience.
  • For a 80% time: a gross salary of € 2.306,47 for 2 years' experience; a gross salary of 2.351,70 € for 4 years' experience. Recognised relevant experience.
  • Luncheon vouchers: €8 including €1.09 per employee and €6.91 per employer - Hospital insurance - 100% reimbursement of public transport costs.
  • Leave: 20 statutory days (for a ful-time contract) + 6 days RTT (for a ful-time contract)+ 4 extra statutory days between Christmas and New Year.
  • Start date:01/07/2024.
  • Place of work: Brussel (Humanitarian HUB)


Please apply as soon as possible here. We reserve the right to finalise recruitment before the closing date for receipt of applications.

Doctors of the World Belgium thanks you for your interest in our organisation and wishes you every success in your career. We reserve the right to finalise a recruitment before the closing date for receipt of applications. DotW-Be does not ask for any financial participation in the recruitment process.

Médecins du Monde is committed to people with disabilities and fights against all forms of discrimination. We would like to inform you that your personal details are computerised and will be treated as confidential. In the context of this application, your data will be kept for a period of 6 months. Only persons authorised by our General Confidentiality Charter may access your data for strictly internal purposes.



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