Call for an International lecturer for the “Empowered civil society in Syria through advocacy” Project M/F/X

Omschrijving van de vacature


Result areas

You are responsible for developing and conducting online advocacy training for 24 nascent civil society organizations (CSOs) and community-based organizations (CBOs) in Northeast and Northwest Syria. You do this in close cooperation with 11.11.11’s advocacy officer for this project.


Required tasks:

Under the supervision and direct cooperation with 11.11.11’s advocacy officer, the trainer will carry out the following tasks:


  • Preparing the training Materials for advocacy, facilitating case studies and developing together with the trainees advocacy work plan/policy papers.
  • The trainer is expected to develop and deliver the material at least two days before the training for revisions and approvals. The trainer is expected to give the training in January 2023.The materials should be designed to be presented remotely (online).
  • Conducting two interactive 6-days workshops with the participants within the time agreed with those in charge of implementing the project.
  • The approach should be interactive and engaging – based around ‘participant-led learning’ in which participants learn through practical exercises, being given time to think for themselves and express their ideas through group discussions, present to the group, or facilitate short exercises themselves when appropriate. The training style should balance the theoretical with the practical, encouraging teamwork, valuing existing skills and knowledge within the group, and building self-confidence among participants.
  • Cooperating with the project management and the technical advisor to ensure the progress of the workshop and the preparations for it.
  • Work with the MEAL Officer to support his/her work in developing MEAL tools to assess the outcomes of the training workshop well ahead of the training.
  • Answering the participants' questions, if any, during the two weeks following the workshop.
  • Preparing a pre-questionnaire and a post-questionnaire containing questions related to the content of the workshop and sending it to the participants in cooperation with the project communication department official and MEAL coordinator.
  • Draft a short report on each training workshop that you deliver setting out: the topics you covered, your observations of participants’ participation, what worked well, what did not work so well, and therefore what we could do differently next time, any challenges and recommendations.

Expected results:

  • The workshop is expected to be conducted over 6 days. A training day should last 7-8 hours (including a 1-hour break for lunch and 2-3 coffee breaks of 10-20 minutes each).  
  • Sharing training outputs such as flipcharts, exercise materials produced during the workshops, etc.
  • Providing training materials that can be shared with the trainees.
  • Sending the trainer's report on the workshops that documents and summarizes all the activities that were conducted to those in charge of implementing the project.
  • Share the workshop evaluation tools that were developed during the project.
Gewenst profiel
  • A minimum of 5 years of experience in the domain of advocacy, working on international and national advocacy in close collaboration with local CSO partners. 
  • A minimum of 2 years experience in developing and delivering training workshops.
  • Good knowledge of the Syrian context.
  • An understanding of and strong interest in the workaround "equal partnership",and the ability to deal with emotionally difficult issues.
  • A strong analytical and writing skills. You have demonstrable experience in developing advocacy strategies.
  • A strong social skills.
  • Fluent in Arabic and have very good knowledge in English.


11.11.11 is driven by human dignity, connection, equality, and integrity. We expect you to be able to identify with these values.


Ons aanbod

Terms of the contract

Duties of the second party (the trainer):

  • The second party is committed at all times to all laws and instructions stipulated in the policies and procedures of 11.11.11. Any breach of these obligations resulting in misconduct will give the organization the right to take the appropriate action against the second party, including the termination of this agreement or the deduction of part or all of the wages.
  • It is prohibited for the second party to use or publish, even after the termination of this agreement, any confidential information about the work and relations of the organization or any of its affiliates or any contact, or about any confidential matters that he may know about within his work in accordance with this.


The agreement:

  • All facilities and equipment provided by the organization to the second party, including data and documents, remain the property of the organization and must be returned to the organization at the end of this agreement.
  • The second party is not entitled to use the organization's name, logo, or any official marks of 11.11.11 without the organization's approval and under legal responsibility in the contracting country or in a court of one of the organization's offices.



The trainer is expected to be able to conduct the workshops in January 2023. Please note that these are projected dates for scheduling purposes subject to further clarification on the specific dates of each training.


If interested, please send your CV and Motivation Letter to [], with ‘Call for trainers’ included in the subject of the email. Selected candidates will be invited for a short interview the following week, where they will be asked to briefly present their approach and ideas for the training seminar.



Documents required when applying for the opportunity:

  • An updated CV.
  • A technical presentation containing the titles of the sessions provided by the trainer on this subject. It also contains the trainer's financial offer, explaining the cost of one training day, including the amount of days to prepare the training materials.
  • Two reference persons with whom you worked previously.


Meer informatie

Training Title: Advanced Advocacy Strategy Workshops

Organization name: 11.11.11

Place of Training: Remote (online)

Reports To: Advocacy officer at 11.11.11


About 11.11.11

11.11.11 strives for global justice. By advocating, facilitating, and putting international solidarity into practice, we accelerate the transition to a globally just system.


11.11.11 aims to have an impact in a forward-looking, relevant and agile way. We concretized our future-oriented and guiding choices in a strategy paper for 2021-2026. You can read the full text on our website:


As part of a new project “Empowered civil society in Syria through advocacy”, 11.11.11 is looking for an experienced trainer in advocacy for a new project in association with local CSO partners. The project is being implemented in Syria and specifically aims to support local civil society organizations (CSOs) and community-based organizations (CBOs) to protect civic space in Northeast and Northwest Syria. By training the capacities of these organizations, the project aims to address the needs and challenges of protecting human rights, social cohesion, and fundamental freedom at national and international levels.




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